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New Fashion Handbags/Wallets/Scarves

Gold Studded Classic Shoulder BagI have added several fine fashion handbags, scarves and wallets to my store. These are very well made but are not designer. Some are leather and some canvas. Very nice spring collections. Sorry I was off here for awhile I broke my collarbone about 10 days ago and it is still pretty tender. I found some great fashion items that are affordable and very nice.

I have added them to my store and will be happy to answer any questions or take any comments on what you like and don’t like. I also am still available for any personal shopping that you may need.

Need Advice

I really need some help here. Could you guys tell me what you would like on my site. I can get anything you would like. I can do non designer but nice bags, shoes, sunglasses. I really need input into what you would like to see and pricing. Only way I can sell to you is by giving you what you want. Please leaves comments or email me at duboisdeals@gmail.com. I’m adding new things everyday and want you to be able to find anything your looking for at the best price I can find. So go ahead people, tell me what YOU want!!!!! I’m listening. Thanks, until next time CAD

Sunglasses, Handbag, new

Good news!!!! I found some awesome deals on designer sunglasses, handbags and even a couple men’s items!!! These are priced well below retail. Get them before they are gone. Always free shipping! All of these are 100% authentic, all come with card verifying authenticity and you can always return items. Happy shopping!!! Until next time CAD


Today let’s jabber about silver. Most people don’t understand how to maintain sterling silver, which is sad to me. You see in order to keep silver looking new at all times if not wearing it, is to put it in a sealed plastic bag. It will never tarnish!!! It’s that simple, if your not wearing it bag it!!! Silver prices are starting to increase, therefore now is the time to buy. I have some great deals right now on my site and on ebay. Silver looks fantastic with a tan body, it is easy to care for and much less expensive than gold at the moment. But each day I check out gold and silver prices and gold is down and silver is up. I own a lot of silver as I do everything else. Sorry I am a fashion freak!! Over the years I’ve collected quite a stash over the years and when we were going to Cancun all the time I bought tons, problem is didn’t know how to clean it , so it is tarnished beyond repair. Over the last few years I’ve leaned a lot, Hence the plastic bags and I have zero tarnish problems now. So visit the store!!! I have rings, chains, bracelets, necklaces and toe rings. Shop and enjoy my friens. You will always get the best from me. Until next time! CAD 


Today we talk about designer perfume. I have searched high and low and am still looking for the best bargains on Designer perfumes. I have found some and they are posted on my site. The ones on there I mostly have and know the scents so I can help with what your looking for. For instance the men’s Jean Paul Gaultier for men is the most amazing scent. My husband is only allowed to wear this with me. Makes literally want to eat them up. It has a faint musky, with sandalwood scent that is not over powering but just amazing.  I also own all the JP women’s and not one disappointed me. Again, I own more designer perfume than your average female and can help with new or send a sample. My husband is quite endowed in men’s cologne as well. Any question give me a shout. Until next time happy perfume hunting. CAD


MIU-MIU-TONED-LEATHER-BAGToday I have come up with a new idea!!! Personal shopping for you. This weekend a friend who lives in New York posted she could not find a certain thing she wanted in her size in all of NY. So I told her for a small fee I would find it for her since it was not in my store. She said give it a try, within 20 min. I had her item gave her price and done. Her item is on the way and I did all the work for her, she just tapped into what I do. I daily search for the best and highest quality items I can find. I have been shopping on the net for 15 years and never buy the first thing until I look at several different sites to compare on exact item I’m looking for, fashion jackets for instance.  Are you a busy professional or just hate searching? Consider me your new search engine for the best price and quality that can be found. If my site doesn’t have it, this internet shopper can find it for you Simple really, I shop for you and you give me a modest fee for the best of everything. Your very own personal shopper!! Until next time. CAD


okay, I have put some fantastic gold jewelry on my site and they are excellent prices!!! I have 14, and 18 karat. Some with diamonds some without. Gold is at an all time low. Prices are excellent and if you buy now, wear now,when gold goes back up you can resell for more than you paid, therefore making your own little profit from something you used until you found something better!!!! How can you lose on that? I sold some older gold I had an never wore anymore a year ago and got 25% more than I paid back. I was astonished to say the least. Have a bunch more but waiting for it to increase. Just think I wore all that for years and got all the money back plus. Not to mention the stuff I have was is top quality and beautiful!!! Love to hear any comments on my thoughts. Till next time. CAD.